Thursday Aug 21

Mission Statement

The Randolph County Community Tennis Association, Inc. exists to promote tennis in the community. The CTA has several objectives:

  • To introduce youth to the sport of tennis
  • To recruit adult players to the sport
  • To improve the quality of local school tennis programs
  • To conduct minority outreach which attracts more diverse players to the game
  • To provide experienced mentors for new players
  • To raise funds to support tennis through initiatives approved by the CTA Board of Directors.

The CTA will seek community financial support to fund such tennis initiatives as approved by the Board of Directors to include:

  • Tennis lessons/clinics for youth presented by teaching professionals
  • Purchase of equipment for low income youth
  • Construction/improvements to tennis facilities
  • Outreach/publicity promoting tennis
  • Scholarships for youth players seeking to pursue tennis on the college level
  • Technical assistance to schools seeking to initiate/improve their tennis programs.
CTA By-Laws prohibit compensation to officers. Board members may be reimbursed for expenses incurred with the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors. Board members are unpaid volunteers. The Tennis Coordinator is a volunteer position which may be paid if authorized by the Board of Directors. Membership in the CTA is open to any player or supporter of tennis residing in Randolph County. There is no fee for membership in the CTA.